Catering Service

Event Catering Service

Full service catering is available through an array of licensed caterers.  This allows many different options for any type of event.  Caterers provide china, linens, wait staff, food cleanup and waste removal.  Food and beverage sampling for an event must be approved by River's Edge management.
Company Contact Phone
Coborn's, Inc. Kate Smith 320-252-8996
Cornerstone Buffet and Restaurant Steve Danzl 320-249-2498
Courtyard by Marriott Tasja Hoffert or Tyler Ergen 320-654-1661
Creative Catering Mark Larson 320-393-4100
Custom Catering by Short Stop Byron Bjorklund 320-257-3008
Food Ecstasy Betty or Ken Maritsch 320-259-5613
Great Blue Heron Nicholas Stang   320-685-3831
Henry's Catering & Banquet Center
David or Sharon Henry 320-968-6772
Mogadishu Meat and Grocery Deli Tohow Siyad 612-239-1572
Sterling Catering and Events Michelle Borresch 320-258-8406
Print a list of Caterers.
If you are interested in becoming a licensed caterer at River's Edge, please contact Building Manager Bill Dunsmoor at 320-255-7272.  An Application for Catering Permit can be found under  the "Forms & Applications" section.  Licensure is annual and runs January 1 through December 31.