Plan Your Event

Consumer/Trade Show Information
River's Edge can easily accommodate trade and consumer shows for a wide variety of businesses and group sizes. 

Services and Facilities
    *Registration space at no additional cost as available.
    *Seating and stage arrangements in all rooms.  River's Edge provides one-time setup.  Re-set fees may apply.
    *House lighting, heat and air conditioning.
    *Exhibit area electrical and utilities at current rates.
    *Cleaning before, during and after event including basic housekeeping during the event.  All bulk trash, crates, lumber and packing materials must be removed before and after the event.  Trash removed by River's Edge staff may result in an additional charge.
    *Audio and/or visual services, including setup and standby service at current rates.
    *Telephone and hard-wired Internet must be arranged prior to the event at current rates.
    *Staffing members and coordination related to the event at current rates.  Staffing coordination must be approved by River's Edge management at least 14 days prior to the event start date and time.
    *Convenient on-grade load-in access.
    *Decorating service available through one of the approved decorating companies at current rates.  See List of Decorators.
  Additional Services and Equipment
River's Edge maintains and can provide staging, spotlights, forklifts, sound systems, production crews and related equipment and services at current rates.

Rental Rates
Different rental rates apply per event requirements.  River's Edge staff will discuss the rate for your event with you.

Public Ticket Sales
For information on ticket sales events, call River's Edge management to discuss options.

Move In/Move Out Fees
Current rates may apply to move in and move out.

River's Edge has access to over 1,500 parking stalls within a four block area of the Convention Center, and 700 parking stalls that are connected to the facility by skyway system.