Decorating Service

You may do the decorating for your event yourself, or you may hire one of the licensed decorators for River’s Edge from the following list. All decorations must be removed immediately after your event.

Licensed Decorators

Ararso Event PlanningSadia Bande320-223-0636
Arch Angels Wedding Decor   Email Mary Regan  320-249-3068
Cenaiko Expo, Inc.Steve Bernu320-774-1413
Chrom Expo Services, LLCMatthew Trettel612-235-3637
Lincoln Wedding & Event RentalsChristina Lincoln320-252-5522

Print List of Decorators (PDF)

Become a Licensed Decorator

If you are interested in becoming a licensed decorator at River’s Edge, please contact Building Manager Bill Dunsmoor at 320-255-7272. You can download an Application for Decorating Permit (PDF). Licensure is annual and runs January 1 through December 31.