Mission Statement


The mission of the River's Edge Convention Center is to be a catalyst for increased economic development and improved quality of life for the St. Cloud community.


The values of the River's Edge Convention Center are as follows:

  • We strive for balance between economic benefit to the community and prudent management of the facility for the taxpayers.
  • We strive for balance among facility uses that bring out-of-town visitors and those that enhance the quality of life for area residents.
  • We recognize the value of community events staged in the facility, and seek an appropriate way to price the facility's services.
  • We have a special responsibility to the hospitality industry, the source of considerable tax revenue that partially supports the facility.
  • We recognize that the majority of the venue that supports operations at the facility is from earned revenues.
  • We believe that the facility should be managed in a flexible, business-like way that maximizes management's ability to achieve its goals.
  • We are a significant driver of the downtown economy.
  • Our emphasis on local economic development leads us to prefer local management and local vendors, to the extent that these local arrangements are cost-effective and provide excellent service to customers.
  • Our collaboration with the Convention and Visitors Bureau is critical to our - and their - success.